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5 Boston-based Companies That Focus on Company Wellness

Aug 16, 2017 6:57:39 PM / by Naomi

We thought we’d do a feature on some of the best companies in Boston that aim to improve the way companies do health and wellness programs!

Boston-based Companies that focus on company wellness

MeYou Health
  • MeYouHealth

MeYou Health is a platform that integrates with companies and it has three components: Daily Challenge (a daily fitness challenge), QuitNet (focused on quitting smoking journey) and Walkadoo (integrates with fitness trackers like Fitbit to track employee daily steps). The entire platform’s philosophy focuses on the “open social” approach - which is creating an open, supportive communication where members can interact and work on their health goals together.

Office Location: 27-43 Wormwood Street Suite 420 Boston, MA 02210




  • Wellable

Wellable brings a consumer-experience to employee health. It connects fitness apps like fitbit, apple health and more to your account, it tracks all of your activity, and then it connects it to your company system and lets you compete with your colleagues in order to get points, rewards and win challenges. It’s a fun, dynamic way of making health a company focus.

Office: 50 Milk Street, 17th Floor Boston, Massachusetts



Clear Connector


  • Clear Connector

Clear Connector creates personalized wellness and benefits programs for your employees - it helps them understand what their company provides and lets them create goals and track their progress. It involves tools that help employees compare pricing for healthcare benefits, discover incentive programs and aims to increase their participation in office health events. The company human resources team can log in themselves and view all employee data as well!

Office: 40 Beacon St | Room 2, Boston, MA 02133



Wellness Workdays


  • Wellness Workdays

Wellness Workdays works with employers to provide tools, resources, and consulting on creating comprehensive employee wellness programs that improve health and productivity in the office. They’ll handle all the details, do all the data discovery, and figure out the best way to develop and integrate wellness programs in the office. They’re also known for focusing on nutrition, which we love!

Office: 21 Fottler Rd, Hingham, MA 02043



Move With


  • MoveWith

MoveWith is a health and fitness app that gives people access to fitness instructors and classes from yoga, running, pilates, barre, cycling and more. You can use audio and visual to experience the class and track your workouts and fitness goals.

Why we love this: MoveWith puts the power of fitness into your hands. You don’t need a gym membership, you don’t need to leave your house - you have access to any workout class you want at the press of a button. That’s fantastic!

Office Location: 109 Kingston St, 3rd Floor Boston, MA 02111



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Written by Naomi

This past year I fell in love with a local Boston cycling studio called Rev'd. They have 3 studios in Foxboro, Dedham and Burlington. Their spin classes improved my physical and mental wellbeing like nothing else and I want to bring these epic workout classes to Boston-based companies!